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Kristen McCarver Ramirez = Boss Lady

  • Kristen is the heart and soul of RMS.  She is always on hand to assist her clients in making the best decisions and answering questions.  Kristen holds several degrees and awards ranging from business, travel, real estate, and property association management.  KMR will not tout her credentials, she really is the best property manager in person and on paper in the Big Sky area.  She is the best in the business when it comes to handling homeowner associations and your Big Sky properties.  KMR's most important job is raising her children to be happy and healthy while enjoying what Montana has to offer, many times from the vantage point of being horseback.  Contact Kristen at ramirez@ramirezmanagement.net

Ed Ramirez = Maintenance Guru

  • Ed keeps the women of RMS on their toes and our clients properties in top shape.  He oversees all maintenance related issues by either accomplishing the task himself of selecting the subcontractor to complete the project.  Ed shoots straight when dealing with your properties and when in the field with his sons during hunting season.  An enthusiastic outdoorsman and quality businessman, he is a talented team roper and has instilled true work ethic in all of his dealings. Contact Ed at ed@ramirezmanagement.net

 Marsha McKillop

  • Marsha specializes in assistance with Association Business, Private homes and vacation rental properties.  Contact Marsha at Marsha@ramirezmanagement.net

  • Tanya specializes in home care for our clients.  She schedules work to be done as requested by the home owner.  She also assists with concierge services as needed by guests and owners.  Contact Tanya at ramirez@3rivers.net for all your service needs.